Stacey Marion

Stacey Marion

GIS Analyst

Environmental Science Associates

Stacey is an ecologist on a mission to advance conservation and land use projects using spatial analysis and visualization. She was raised in northern Connecticut where she was incredibly fortunate to grow up adjacent to a protected wetland, i.e. “the wet area”, that backed up to foothills of the Farmington Valley rift. Her early experiences bounding on tussock sedges, searching for salamanders under logs, taking spring ephemeral and rhododendron walks, and racing her sister up the ridge had a lasting imprint on her personal and professional life.

Early in her career she pursued organic farming and agricultural sciences, a pursuit that brought her from upstate New York to Madison, Wisconsin. After working in agricultural sciences, she was pulled back by the allure of natural plant communities and transitioned to a career in ecological restoration.

As a Restoration Ecologist, she developed and implemented science-based ecological restoration in southwest Wisconsin, where she developed an intimate relationship with the land, especially prairies, wetlands, and woodlands. She was a Board member on the Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council where she helped implement prescribed fire-related policy.

In advancing her GIS, programming, and design skills through an M.S. in GIS and Cartography at UW-Madison (2021), she now explores human-land use interactions from a geographer’s view. She currently works as a GIS Analyst at HDR, Inc. in Seattle, Washington. She ultimately hopes to inform conservation policy through analytics and science communication.

She currently lives in North Bend, Washington where she spends her time outside of work on the trails running, skiing, or simply enjoying the awe of nature.

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  • Conservation
  • Ecology
  • Restoration
  • Geography
  • GIS
  • Cartography
  • Fire ecology
  • Prescribed fire
  • Natural history
  • Nordic skiing
  • Trail running
  • MS Cartography & GIS


  • MS Agroecology


  • Bachelor's in Biology